Review Policy

Policy Document VTSE

The journals use a double-blind review policy, which means that the reviewer and author don't know each other during the review process. 


Steps in the Peer-Review Process

The peer-review process of VTSE is described in the following table:



Estimated Time


Internal Review by the Editor

7 days


Review Process after the successful initial step

30-40 days


Communication of review reports to authors for minor/major revision

7 days


Submission of the revised paper

15 days


Submission of Compliance reports to the reviewers

7 days


Acceptance of paper                  

(on successful submission of revised paper)

7 days


Total days from submission to Acceptance

83 days

  •  Paper is returned to the authors if it does not meet the initial screening in the first step.
  • Paper is rejected/Accepted with minor changes/ Accepted with Major Changes  in step 2
  • Final Acceptance within 3 months after step#5.

Note: Authors are requested to revise the paper carefully in accordance with the reviewers’ suggestions to avoid unnecessary delays in the review process.