Authorship Policy

VFAST Transactions on Software Engineering (VTSE) adheres to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines for authorship to ensure the proper attribution of intellectual contributions to published articles. This policy aims to promote fairness, transparency, and accuracy in scholarly recognition.

Criteria for Authorship:

  • Substantial contributions to the conception and design of the study, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data. Contributions must be significant and directly impact the scientific content of the paper.
  • Drafting or revising the paper or intellectual content. Authors should be actively involved in shaping the written document and its scientific message.
  • Final approval of the version to be published. All authors must agree to the content and its accuracy before submission.

Order of Authorship:

  • The order of authorship should reflect the relative contributions of authors to the work. Authors should discuss and agree upon the order before submission.
  • Significant contributors who do not meet all authorship criteria may be acknowledged in the Acknowledgements section.

Responsibilities of Authors:

  • Authors are responsible for ensuring that all contributors are appropriately listed and that no one is unjustifiably excluded.
  • Authors should disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the Editor-in-Chief before submission.
  • Authors must be prepared to respond to questions about their contributions and collaborate with co-authors to address any issues related to authorship.

Addressing Disputes:

  • In case of disagreements regarding authorship, VTSE follows the COPE guidelines for resolving authorship disputes. Authors are encouraged to discuss the issue openly and objectively.
  • If a resolution cannot be reached, the Editor-in-Chief may seek an independent opinion or involve relevant professional bodies.

Additional Considerations:

  • Honorary authorship (e.g., granting authorship to someone who made no significant contribution) is strictly discouraged.
  • Guest authorship, where someone is invited to contribute but did not participate in the research, is also discouraged.
  • VTSE reserves the right to retract articles where authorship is found to be fraudulent or inaccurate.

This policy is intended to promote responsible authorship practices and ensure the integrity of published research in VTSE. We encourage authors to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and to consult the Editor-in-Chief with any questions or concerns.