Publication Fee

Publication Fee, Funding Sources, and Submission Process

Publication Fee: The publication fee for paper publication is Rs. 25,000. This fee is essential for maintaining the standard of the journal, covering costs associated with editorial processes, publication infrastructure and other expences.

Sources of Funding: Funding for journal maintenance and operation primarily relies on the following sources:

  1. Higher Education Commission (HEC) Grant: The Higher Education Commission provides grants to support journals in maintaining academic standards.
  2. Authors fee: We establish a nominal fee for authors to affordably access a quality platform for publishing their research. This fee adequately covers our expenses for running the journal and associated operations.

Journal Publication Fee Submission Process:

Publication fees for the journal are to be submitted through bank transfer to the following account:

  • Account Title: VFAST Research Platform
  • Account Number: 55600081001049018
  • IBAN: PK80 BAHL 5560008100104901
  • Bank: Bank Al Habib Limited

Please ensure that the transaction details are accurately filled in to facilitate the processing of your publication fee.