Software Testing Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Rabia Tehseen, Uzma Omer, Shamyla Riaz, Saba Tahir


Software Testing is the core part of computer science & engineering curriculum. It has been observed that software testing has been taught much in Computer science & engineering disciplines at undergraduate level. Software Testing Education (STE) involves time, cost, risk, quality, integration, communication, human resource, and procurement management skills. The STE at undergraduate and graduate level is a challenging task because it also requires knowledge and experience. This article aims to investigate and synthesize the state-of-the-art research in STE  for the improvement of STE curriculum, pedagogical tools and techniques, cognitive, empirical and assessments methods. STE research approaches has been categorized into five categories including empirical type, research approaches, software testing education processes, key areas, and curricula. The ninety-seven articles for the area of STE have been chosen after rigorous systematic screening process published in during 2004 to 2021. Furthermore, tools and techniques, testing processes, pedagogy and student performance are the frequently addressed in STE; whereas assessment methods, gamification, curriculum and exemplary program development appeared as mostly ignored areas. Lastly, research gaps and challenges relate to STE has been presented as future directions for the faculty, software industry, and researchers.

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