Application of Blockchain in E-banking Transactions

Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, HARIS WASEEM


E-banking has now become a must need of every person. Cyber-attacks has been increasing daily and customer data and money are in danger. So, there must be a securable way of making transaction. In this SLR, we proposed blockchain to solve this issue because it is a fast, cheap, and secured way of making a transaction. Forty -one research paper were finalized and had been studied to conduct this SLR. To the best of our knowledge, there is no such SLR available which covers all the aspects of E-banking and blockchain. In this article, we have reviewed different article and showed the importance of using blockchain to secure transaction. Issues and challenges of E-banking sector has also been shown and how can they be removed by blockchain. Furthermore, we had shown already proposed models of blockchain in E-banking and shown which blockchain features can be implemented to secure transaction. Lastly, we have also shown issues and threats of e-banking.

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