A Survey on Fog Computing in IoT

Mansoor Ahmad Rasheed, Jabar Saleem, Hudabia Murtaza, Hafiz Abdullah Tanweer, Mannan Ahmad Rasheed, Mishaal Ahmed


Technological advancements in computing and wireless handheld devices have increased tremendously the rate of connected devices to the internet.  To solve problems of our daily life are being controlled by these devices that created a new approach called as Internet of things. Cloud computing is a promising solution to store data and perform computations for IoT. But it has many issues like latency, traffic congestion, and poor quality of services. Health-related IoT applications are intolerant to delay or poor quality of service. To tackle these issues a new model of computing known as fog computing came into existence. Fog computing helps for effective communication and processing of the massive data that tackles issues caused by cloud computing in a significant way. This study discusses different types of fog computing architectures, some of the issues related to security and privacy along with their possible solutions. In this survey, some practical applications of fog computing in IoT are discussed which can ease our daily problems.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtse.v9i4.727


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