Behavior Analysis of users on Facebook

Samir Akrouf, Djamel Boubetra, Larbi Selmani


Behavior in social media is defined as the way users interact with each other. These interactions include: content creation and posting by individuals and sharing it with friends, re-sharing content shared by others, submit comments or just click on like on what is posted by friends. 
The analysis of this behavior may allow us to predict the next actions that can make users and their influence on others. 
The aim of our work is to analyze the behavior of users on Facebook. Analyzing the activities of these users and emphasizing the participation and the sharing of information are two important characteristics that will enable us to achieve our analysis. 
In this paper we present a study conducted on a sample of 60 individuals of different age and sex. We used a survey that includes different activities which allowed us to obtain highly relevant information that tells us the nature of the activities of Internet users by gender and age group. 

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