Analysis Of Internet Addiction Amongst University Level Students



A collection of different interconnected small or large networks is called an Internet. It is a speedy high way that connects multiple regions. Each region can have one or more than one networks. Internet has become more influential tool to minimize the communication gap all over the world.  Internet service providers (ISPs) are providing cheap, fast and good communication services now a day. Today’s technology is playing important role in the growth of Internet users. The easy and cheap availability of computers, laptops, mobiles and Internet services may cause for Internet addiction. Internet addiction refers to extreme use of Internet which seems unmanageable in routine life matters, health, attitude, and relationships. Too much use of Internet affects the students spiritually, emotionally, morally and educationally. We have investigated the relationship between problems and measures of Internet addiction among 1000 university level students in the current study. Data was collected through questionnaires filled individually by every student. Results indicated that a large number of students waste their time on chatting and visiting useless sites. Moreover, interpersonal, academic and health problems were found. The reasons of positive and negative impacts of Internet addiction were also found. Survey showed that number of students was unaware to use the Internet properly.  It was observed that the male students were more Internet addicts than female students.

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