Vol 10, No 2 (2022)


Table of Contents


Delta Perturbation Method for Couette-Poiseuille flows in Third grade fluids PDF
Kamran Nazir Memon, Ahsan Mushtaque, Fozia Shaikh, AA Ghoto, A. M. Siddiqui 01-12
Using Crank-Nicolson’s scheme to discretize the Laplacian in a polar gird system with symmetric and asymmetric lines PDF
Rabnawaz Mallah, Wajid Ahmed Siyal, Saira Aslam, Muhammad Suleman Sial, Inayatullah Soomro 13-20
Analytical Solution of Transient Flow of Fractional Oldroyd-B Fluid between Oscillating Cylinders PDF
Khadija Shaikh, Fozia Shaikh, Rahim Bux Khokhar, K.N. Memon 21-33
Analysis of Entropy-dependent solitons in ETG-driven magneto plasma by Variational Iteration Method PDF
Tasawar Abbas, Ehsan Ul Haq, Ambreen Ayub, Asadullah Dawood 34-51
Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic's Impact on Gasoline Prices in Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Aamir, Saleem Abdullah, Noor Mahmood, Umair Khalil, Nida Khalid, Maqbool Ahmed, Muhammad Naeem, Shakoor Muhammad, Laiba Sultan Dar 52-67
Power Hamy Mean Operators for managing Cubic Linguistic Spherical Fuzzy Sets and their Applications PDF
Tasawar Abbas, Faisal Mumtaz, Zamir Hussain, Rehan Zafar 68-101
Effect of the Arbitrary Coefficients on the convergence of numerical solution of General Second Order Linear Homogeneous Partial Differential Equation PDF
Liaquat Ali Zardari, Shakeel Ahmed Kamboh, Abbas Ali Ghoto, Dr. Kirshan Kumar Luhana, Dr. Shah Zaman Nizamani 102-117
Optimum solutions of partial differential equation with initial condition using optimization techniques PDF
Muhammad Bilal, Shakoor Muhammad, Nekmat Ullah, Fazal Hanan, Subahan Ullah 118-136
A Novel Two Point Optimal Derivative free Method for Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Algebraic, Transcendental Equations and Application Problems using Weight Function PDF
Sanaullah Jamali, Zubair Ahmed Kalhoro, Abdul Wasim Shaikh, Muhammad Saleem Chandio, Sanaullah Dehraj 137-146
Analysis of Two-Level Complex Shifted Laplace Preconditioner and Deflation-Based Preconditioner for Helmholtz Equation PDF
Rao Faisal Rajput, Hanan Shiekh, K. B. Amur 147-163
A new three step derivative free method using weight function for numerical solution of non-linear equations arises in application problems PDF
Sanaullah Jamali, Zubair Ahmed Kalhoro, Abdul Wasim Shaikh, Muhammad Saleem Chandio, Sanaullah Dehraj 164-174
The Hydrodynamics of Gravity-Driven Vessel Drainage of Third Order Fluid using Perturbation Method PDF
Azam Ali, K. N. Memon, Syed Feroz Shah, Mohsin Amur, A. M. Siddiqui 175-185
The melting behavior of Paraffin RT-50 in a finned cylindrical surface PDF
Waris Ali, Asif Ali Shaikh, Feroz Shah, Sajjad Hussain 186-199
Effect of Slip Condition on Unsteady Tank Drainage Flow of third Order Fluid PDF
Muneer Ahmed Mahar, Kamran Nazir Memon, Syed Feroz Shah, Azam Ali Amur, A. M. Siddiqui 200-211
Exact solution on the impact of slip condition for unsteady tank drainage flow of Ellis fluid PDF
Naina Salar Shaikh, Kamran Nazir Memon, Muhammad Suleman Sial, A. M. Siddiqui 212-223
Improved Mid-Point Derivative based Closed Newton-Cotes Quadrature Rule PDF
Mir Sarfraz Khalil Saand, Shakeel Rind, Zuabir Ahmed, Abdul Wasim, Owais Ali 224-240

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