Analysis of Entropy-dependent solitons in ETG-driven magneto plasma by Variational Iteration Method


  • Tasawar Abbas Department of Mathematics, University of Wah, Wah Cantt, 47040
  • Ehsan Ul Haq Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • Ambreen Ayub Department of Physics, Women University Swabi. Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Asadullah Dawood Department of Physics, National Excellence Institute (University), Islamabad; 04524



Nowadays, the discovery of the link between entropy and plasma density and temperature opens up new avenues for mathematicians and researchers to examine alternative plasma models in terms of entropy. The linear dispersion relation and KdV equation are created after the entropy drift is taken into account in the ETG mode. In addition, the Variational Iteration Technique (VIM) is used to determine the problem’s analytical solutions. Involving the Langrange multiplier also helps to accelerate computation and lower its cost. Then, it is shown that in ETG mode, entropy impacts both the breadth and amplitude of rarefactive solitons, as well as the impact of inhomogeneity drift and the magnetic field on the configuration of solitons. In this instance, however, only the rarefactive solitons are present. Since introducing entropy to the system might alter the previous plasma findings, this study is new. Finally, the current approach will be applied to the entropy-based in magnetically restrained plasmas, solitary waves can be observed. The graphical findings are also provided using Maple-18.


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