Revenue Sources Policy

Revenue Sources Policy

  1. Transparency of Revenue Sources:

    • The journal is committed to transparency regarding its revenue sources and business models. This includes author fees, subscriptions, advertising, HEC support.
  2. Editorial Independence:

    • The journal upholds the principle that publishing fees or waiver status should not influence editorial decision-making. Editorial decisions are based solely on the quality, originality, and significance of the research presented in submissions. The journal's editorial team is independent of its revenue sources and operates with integrity and impartiality.
  3. Author Fees and Waivers:

    • The journal may charge author fees for article processing, publication, or other associated services. The applicable fees and any available waivers or discounts should be clearly communicated to authors during the submission process. However, the decision to accept or reject a manuscript for publication is based solely on academic merit and editorial criteria, not on the author's ability or willingness to pay publication fees.
  4. Disclosure of any conflicts of interest:

    • Editors, reviewers, and other individuals involved in the publication process are required to disclose any conflicts of interest that may influence their decision-making or perceptions regarding submissions.
  5. Conflict of Interest Management:

    • The journal has established procedures for managing conflicts of interest among editorial staff, reviewers, authors, and other stakeholders. Conflicts of interest are addressed transparently and impartially to ensure the integrity and credibility of the peer review and publication process.
  6. Continuous Improvement:

    • The journal is committed to continuous improvement in its revenue models and practices. Feedback from authors, readers, and other stakeholders regarding financial policies and practices is welcomed and considered as part of ongoing efforts to enhance transparency, fairness, and sustainability in the publication process.

This revenue sources policy aligns with the guidelines provided by COPE and CORE and reflects the journal's commitment to integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct in scholarly publishing.