Archiving and Preservation Policy

Archiving and Preservation Policy

The VFAST Transactions on Islamic Research (VTIR) recognizes the importance of long-term access to scholarly content. We are committed to ensuring the continued accessibility of our published articles even if the journal ceases publication.

Multiple Layers of Backup and Accessibility:

  • Redundant Storage: All of our electronic content, including website files and manuscripts, is stored on three separate servers along backup remotly with Continuous Data Protection with R1soft.
  • . This ensures that content remains online and accessible to readers even if one server experiences an issue. Backups are continuously updated, and in the event of a server failure, we expect to restore full functionality within 24-36 hours.
  • Abstracting/Indexing Services: Our published articles are registered with reputable Abstracting/Indexing services. These services not only store essential information about articles but may also archive metadata and even full-text versions. This provides an alternative access point for researchers seeking specific articles, independent of our main website.

Long-Term Archiving Plan:

In addition to the measures described above, we are actively developing a plan for the long-term electronic backup and preservation of our content. We are considering established archiving services like CLOCKSS and PubMedCentral to ensure our content remains accessible for future generations of scholars. We will update this section with details of our chosen archiving partner once finalized.