Development and Analysis of Objective test Items of English at Intermediate Level (Part-I)

Amir Hafeez Malik, Rashda Perveen, Abdullah Shafiq, Abdul Rashid


The present study presents the analysis of current practices in development and analysis of objective test items for Intermediate Part-I level in Punjab, Pakistan. The study is preceded with the help of teachers teaching English to Intermediate Part-I class. A Test consisting of 60 items was produced for students. This Test was the basic tools for collections of data for the study. For each item of the Test, four options were given and students had to tick only one of them. The data collected through Test was then analyzed, tabulated, difficulty level and discrimination powers were calculated and each item was interpreted separately. The key point of the study is that a number of issues are being faced by both the teachers in class, as test designers, as examiners and also by the students as testees. Therefore, this study provides guides to develop and analyze object test items for Intermediate Part-I level. It is aimed to bring reliability and validity to development and analysis of objective test items for a better education system.

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