Efficient Class of Variance Estimators for Population using Supplementary Information in Stratified Random Sampling





This paper addresses an efficient class of variance estimators for population using stratified random sampling. The suggested class of estimators using supplementary information has been studied in different circumstances. The expressions of bias and mean square error (MSE) of the proposed estimators are derived up to the first degree of approximation. The theoretical comparison of the proposed and considered estimators is also discussed, which shows that the proposed estimators are more efficient than the existing estimators. Theoretical findings are validated by three different types of real data sets and simulation studies. The numerical results of the proposed and existing estimators are compared in terms of mean square error, percentage relative efficiency and diagrams. It is observed that all the proposed estimators outperform the existing estimators. For instance, the traditional unbiased estimator Ozel et.al [6] and other existing estimators. Lastly, appropriate recommendations have been provided for researchers to use these suggested estimators to solve real-world issues.


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Hussain, M., Khan, L., Zaman, Q., & Abdurrahman Sabir. (2024). Efficient Class of Variance Estimators for Population using Supplementary Information in Stratified Random Sampling. VFAST Transactions on Mathematics, 12(1), 264–279. https://doi.org/10.21015/vtm.v12i1.1794