Quadratic twist of an elliptic curve in a generalized Weierstrass equation over a function field





This paper mainly focuses on the construction of a quadratic twist for an elliptic curve represented in a generalized Weierstrass equation over the field Fq(t). The specific form of the quadratic twist, presented in the generalized Weierstrass equation, is determined by linear algebra approach and discussed in detail.


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Fida Hussain, Muhamad Afzal Soomro, Iqrar Ali Pali, Safia Amir Dahri, & Abdul Rehman Soomro. (2024). Quadratic twist of an elliptic curve in a generalized Weierstrass equation over a function field. VFAST Transactions on Mathematics, 12(1), 92–104. https://doi.org/10.21015/vtm.v12i1.1739