A Refinement of Ratio Estimation in Ranked Set Sampling and Stratified Ranked Set Sampling Approaches





Estimation of population mean is a persistent subject issue in sampling surveys and many discrete efforts have been paid by various researchers to enhance the precision of the estimates by utilizing the correlated auxiliary information. In connection with this an improved version of ratio estimator are presented in this paper under the ranked set sampling scheme and stratified ranked set sampling scheme. Comparison amongst estimators is made in terms of Mean Square Errors ( ) and Percentage Relative Efficiencies ( ). The expression for  of the proposed estimator is pinned-down to first order of approximations. It turns out from both simulation studies as well as real data set that the proposed estimator dominates its existing counterpart estimators.


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khan, lakhkar, javid shabbir, Qazi Ubaid, & Taj Farin Khan. (2024). A Refinement of Ratio Estimation in Ranked Set Sampling and Stratified Ranked Set Sampling Approaches. VFAST Transactions on Mathematics, 12(1), 30–45. https://doi.org/10.21015/vtm.v12i1.1619