Solution of Time-Fractional Third-Order Partial Differential Equations of One and Higher Dimensions

Safdar Ali, Fozia Hanif, Muhammad Ilyas, Rehan Shams, Muhammad Rehan, Syed Inayatullah


The purpose of this study is to develop the third order time fractional partial differential equations (PDEs) in one and higher dimensions, by taking Laplace Adomian decomposition method (LADM) and q-homotopy analysis transform method (q-HATM). To define fractional derivative, the Caputo operator is used for both fractional and integer orders. The solutions are obtained in the form of series. To understand the procedure of the suggested procedure, three numerical examples are taken. The graphs are plotted for the proposed solution at different values of fractional order ???? which is 0< ???? ≤ 1. Both proposed methods are implemented by using (LADM) and (q-HATM) showing that the proposed technique is found to be better and accurate instrument for solving linear and non-linear time fractional PDEs. The Novelty of the proposed study is that the provided solution for fractional order partial differential equations has never been attempted for third order, this means that the provided solution can solve the third order and could be generalized for the higher order also.

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