Unsteady Flow of an MHD Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Over a Stretching Sheet


  • Muhammad Asif Jamal Department of Basic Science Usman Institute of technology university, Karachi, Pakistan
  • M. Faizan Department of Basic Science Usman Institute of technology university, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Ahmed Farid Department of Basic Science Usman Institute of technology university, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Fozia Shaikh Department of Basic Sciences and Related Studies, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro 76090, Sindh, Pakistan;
  • Fozia hanif Department of Mathematical Science, Pakistan, 75300




Abstract The recent article addresses the unsteady flow of MHD incompressible tangent hyperbolic fluid with Nanofluid particles in the direction of a stretching surface. Nano-fluid is related to thermo-phoretic and Brownian movement. With proper help through the transformation procedure, the set of non-linear (PDEs) is re-framed into (ODEs). The initiate expressions of momentum, temperature field, and nano-particle concentration are composed into groups of nonlinear equations. That consequential terminology is computed shooting system. The impact of fundamental parameters on the flow field, thermal circulation, and meditation is described. Moreover, the flow field behavior due to the Wall friction, local Nusselt, and Sherwood numbers are examined. This study is significant as this transformation determined the shooting technique’s numerical result and ensured the physical parameters’ behavior graphically. The results show that the velocity field diminishes by escalating the Weissenberg (We) figure and power-law index (n), while thermal and concentration fields remain to detect elevating at similar parameters. Furthermore, the computed result is compared with existing literature and gets accuracy.


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