Effects Of Locus Of Control On Gender



The study was intended to determine the gender differences in the locus of control with academic achievement among secondary school science students of Wah Cantonment area. Locus of control means expectancy whether perceived reinforcement is under internal or external control. It is individual variations in his belief that what control the events in his life, himself or others. 270 students were chosen from the Federal Government High School for Girls and Boys and private secondary schools of Wah Cantonment area. 35 items self-developed questionnaire was administered to determine the locus of control. The instrument was validated by expert suggestions of concerned area. t-test was applied for numerical analysis by statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). It was concluded from the study results that the students have belief that they can or can’t control events that affect their academic achievement. The significant difference found between the mean locus of control scores of boys and the mean locus of control scores of girls. The boys were found superior to girls in their mean locus of control scores which shows that boys have comparatively strong belief then girls about the control of some events that affect their academic achievement.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v4i1.96


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