Standardization And Sustainability Of Digitization Projects In University Libraries Of Pakistan



University libraries around the world are digitizing their information resources to offer online access to remote users.  However, digitization projects in developing countries face the challenges of standardization and sustainability. The purpose of this study was to assess the opinion of the library experts of Pakistan in terms of: Adoption of standards/best practices in digitization projects; Sustainability of digitization projects; Role of cooperation for digitization projects; HEC role in promoting digitization activities; and Ways to promote standardised digitization practices in university libraries of Pakistan. The study opted qualitative research design and 25 in-depth interviews were conducted to collect data. The findings revealed that respondents favoured to formulate and adopt the basic and broad standards for digitization. They considered that sustainability of digitization projects should be ensured by the operating institution while role of HEC and cooperation among operating institutions was considered important to ensure the sustainability of such projects as well as promote the standardised digitization practices in university libraries of Pakistan

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