Ideology in “Besharam”: A Multi-Modal Discourse Analysis of Pakistani Dramas

Muhammad Ansar Ijaz, Dr. Syed Kazim Shah, Dr. Muhammad Ilyas Mahmood


The current research study has been aimed to explore the deliberately infilled ideologies in the linguistic and visual discourse of Pakistani Dramas. This will help know how language patterns are structured and visuals are developed to convey the desired message. For this purpose,Pakistani drama “Besharam” production of a private Pakistani television channel ARY digital has been selected for the analysis through the purposive sampling method. The drama has been analyzed using the multimodal discourse analysis (MDA) approach. This involves analysis of visuals, linguistic structures, and cross-functional systems such as colour, setting of elements of visuals etc. The results of the research study show that the producer has very technically developed the discourse of the drama using verbal elements (language patterns) and non-verbal elements (contextual elements, colour scheme, the focus of light, the intensity of light, etc) to instill his desired (western) ideology in the organization of these elements. The study is useful for Pakistani society (parents, children, students, teachers, researchers, producers of dramas, etc.). It will help them understand the hidden ideologies of drama.

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