A Social Custom “Vani”: Introduction And Critical Analysis



This paper reflects an introduction and critical analysis of a custom called Vani. It is widely practiced with diverse names in different areas of Pakistan. This ancient tradition is tied to blood feuds among the various tribes and clans, where the females are forcibly married to the members of different tribes for the dispute settlement. Habitually Vani is affected in the cases of murder, kidnapping and robbery. Inequality/discrimination, law disregard, poor education, poverty, landlord system etc. are fundamental reasons for existence of such type norms. It has become an evil of the society. This is an un-Islamic practice as Islam does not allow a forced marriage. Having different comprehensive laws about every clash Islam has no example/direction to give Vani to settle a heated discussion. It is necessary only to awake the heartfelt public about such type of customs and to allocate their influence to stop it.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v3i2.89


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