Importance Of Socializers And Motivational Factors In Career Choice



Career selection is a complex and continuous process which starts from childhood, develop through teenage years and at the final stage of adulthood, the individuals families themselves with the available alternatives and choose one which suit them. The study aims  to analyze the importance  of socializers and motivational factors on career choices of the students. The results will facilitate the students in choosing the right profession which enable them to utilize their potential to achieve their objectives/ destination. It is based on primary data collected through questionnaire survey from the students studying in the colleges & universities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Taxila/ Wah Cantt: Chakwal & its vicinity, their parents and teachers. Based on the previous studies, six (06) socializers and twenty one (21) motivational factors are selected and opinion/ view points of the students, their parents & teachers are obtained. The responses are measured on Likert five (5) point scale. The results indicate that parents especially father is most influential in selecting profession of the students and directly or indirectly decides the students’ future career pathway. Money/handsome salary, status, employment opportunities, career development, personal recognition, professional respect etc are found the most influential motivating factors in career choice. The influence of socializers and  few motivational factors such as handsome salary, working conditions// hours, career development & security of job are found gender biased and in remaining motivational factors no significant difference is found

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