Ukraine: The Dilemma of the "Gate of Europe"

Dr Saima Aftab, Dr Adeel Iftikhar, Dr Nighat Younas


Europe has been caught up in a new round of security crises since 2021, when Russia built up heavy troops on its border with Ukraine. The West speculated that Russia would launch an attack on Ukraine, the media exaggerated the imminent war, and major think tanks began to pay attention to Russia’s strategic intentions and trends. The United States and major European powers responded to the crisis through diplomatic and military means. Known as the "Gate of Europe", Ukraine fought against Russia in 2013-2014. Now it has once again become the focus of global geopolitics, and its fate has attracted international attention. This article will discuss NATO "opportunities" that exacerbate the international security dilemma and China's strategic choices that will not end the unstoppable geopolitical dilemma The other part will show the unsuccessful course of the modern state in the Ukraine crisis, and will also enlighten the Russian-Ukrainian conflict; the dual security dilemma. Finally the fate of the gates of Europe: bridges or a barrier?

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