Understanding The Significance Of Cyber Security Threats

Attiq Ur Rehman


In the age of globalization, rapidly emerging digital infrastructures of states are open for the clandestine and malicious activities of virtual warriors. The dependency on cyberspace has revealed the digital vulnerabilities of states before their rivals. Hence, the national security of state, presently, is wrestling with the cyber security threats. The protection of core national values and sensitive infrastructure of states are under question. Therefore, the safety and security of digital assets of states have become one of the most serious concerns for the policymakers. The international cyber culture across has declared the national government of states more insecure and unprotected. The combination of offensive and defensive capabilities of state is the key instrument in the cyberspace for the security, and protection of their cyber borders. In this way, the central theme of the work attempts to highlight the significance of cyber security threats by elaborating the strategic dimension of global cyberspace.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v3i2.78


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