A Feminine Resistant Struggle of Refugees and their Resettlement in the wake of State-Terror Atrocities in I am Malala and Nujeen: A Critical study of biographies transcribed by Christina Lamb

Rabia Iram Tariq, Madeeha Azhar, Faisal Jahangir


The last decade has undergone many regional and global war conflicts that have received worldwide attention. The human violence through wars has given rise to many human disasters and refugee crisis is one of them.With the persistently growing geo-political problems the situation of refugees is getting worse day by day. The sustainability of life has transformed itself towards domestic, social, political and state instability. The international cooperation lacks serious dialogue to address the refugee crisis. The particular inter textual study analyzes the aggravating state-terror activities by the certain fundamentalist militant groups (Taliban, Daesh) and their effects on the refugees especially female refugees by going deeply into two inciting books by Nujeen Mustafa(Syria) and Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan). The research encapsulates the effects of waron Zimbabwe, Nigeria and some Middle East countries including Iraq and Egypt generally, and Pakistan and Syria particularly. There are certain political and personal gains of the leaders pushing thousands of people to migrate. The constant struggle of two teenage refugee girls has been discussed as an integral part of the research and the components of female education and female determination is the core thought of the research study. The theoretical design of Refuge and Settlement has been employed to highlight the challenging circumstances for the refugees and their arduous task of resettlement in the different countries. By researching the motives behind forced flee of the refugees, it becomes evident that forced migration has become a contemporary issue of this century. The research study endeavors to find out the underlying issues and emphasizes the need of safe resettlement of the migrants across the world. The incidents of these two books I am Malala and Nujeen indicate the war-ravaging hegemonic attitudes of different terror groups that result in the unfortunate flee of hundreds and thousands of people. However, the audacious struggle of the two teenage girls by surviving the attacks and staying positive during the hard times is at once appealing and motivating. This research urges global attention to address the refugee crisis on humanitarian grounds by highlighting the resilience of two refugee girls as the ray of hope for many neglected and subjugated migrants.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v9i3.626


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