Influence Dimensions of Brand Equity on Purchase Intention Toward Smartphone in Malaysia

Ibraheem Saleh Al Koliby, Maria Abdul Rahman


The technology of smartphone has greatly affects the behavior of people and their attitude toward the purchase. However, there are lack of studies on the purchase intention of customer regarding smartphone usage among young in particular in Malaysia. Thus, the current study investigates the relationships between brand equity dimensions namely, brand awareness, perceived quality, brand association and brand loyalty on behavior intention to purchase the smartphone brands in Malaysia . Questionnaire data obtained from   students   at University Utara Malaysia in while the sample size was 377 respondents. The findings showed evidence of the significant and positive relationship between have relationship. The results also presented that brand association, perceived quality, and brand loyalty have positive effect on purchase intention, while brand awareness has insignificant. This paper contributes to knowledge on the existing body of brand management literature by systematically exploring the influence of smartphone brands in Malaysia.  Marketers should improve brand quality, and enhance awareness which may encourage customers to purchase the smartphone brand. 

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