Scale Development and Scale Testing of Student’s Entrepreneur Self-Efficacy (SES): Preliminary Psychometric Test

Ankita Barik, Lalbihari Barik


Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy is the degree to which people perceive themselves as having the ability to perform the various roles and tasks of entrepreneurship successfully. This paper aims to develop and validate the scale to measure commerce and management graduates student’s Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy. We have used various validation techniques like face validity, logical validity, construct validity, criterion and discriminate validity to make our questioner standard.  The factor analysis is used to handle the factors in the constructed scale. With the use of reliability of scale and factors analysis, the six factors present in the scale are finalized. The six factors are developed here are as a Product (13 Questions), Build innovative environment (5 Questions), Investor relationship (13 Questions), Define core purpose (07 Questions), Handle unexpected challenges (21 Questions), and Develop HR (15 Questions). We have made the Questionnaire of 74 questions and then validate it to test the Student’s Entrepreneur Self-Efficacy among commerce and management graduates.

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