Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study on Banks in India

Mustafa Raza Rabbani, Faran Ahmad Qadri, Mohammed Ishfaq


Service quality is one of the most important factors behind customer satisfaction in commercial banks. Various studies revealed that service quality plays a decisive role in satisfaction of customers and satisfaction of customers to a great extent lead to the customer loyalty vis-a-vis profitability of banks. Against such a backdrop, an attempt has been made to examine the impact of service quality of the bank on customer satisfaction and impact of customer satisfaction on the customer loyalty. This study points out that satisfaction and service quality relationship is critical for commercial banks. The broad objective of the study is to identify the determinants of customer satisfaction in the context of public sector and private sector banks in India and to examine the relationship between customer satisfactions, service quality and customer loyalty of banks. An attempt has also been made to study the impact of satisfaction on the loyalty of the customers. For this purpose responses have been elicited through a pre-tested structured questionnaire from 568 customers of public sector and private sector banks located in NCR.

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