Exploring the Role of Organizational Justice as an Antecedent of Psychological Ownership

Shamaila Butt


Many organizations around the globe are facing a number of threats in terms of intense competition and hence employees’ intentions to switch the organizations. The current study is carried out to explore an emerging area of psychological ownership in relation to organizational Justice. The feelings of psychological ownership may provide the organizations a sustainable competitive advantage by enhancing the retention rate of valuable employees and making them to go for an extra mile for their organization. In this study we will be exploring the role of organizational justice as an antecedent of psychological ownership. The results of the study reveals that among the three dimensions of organizational justice (Distributive, Procedural & Interactional), procedural justice is found to be a strong predictor of psychological ownership. To prove the hypothesis of the study convenience sampling technique is used for data collection and about 37 useable responses from employees are considered for data analysis. Implications of these results as well as avenues for future research are also discussed.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v7i1.237


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