Radio for Equitable Education to All

Muhammad Amjad Ali


Pakistan is a developing country. It is located in the north-western part of South Asia having a total area of 796,095 square kilometers. Its topography is diverse with mountains and hills on the western and north western side, a fertile Indus basin plain in the centre and east, a desert in the south and a long coastal fringe in the south and west. Radio broadcasts have full coverage except hilly areas. 
One of the major problems which the educationists in Pakistan face is that of reaching the mass of the people. Pakistan is by no means, in comparison with other parts of the world, a densely populated country. The areas are generally large and thickly populated with exceptions where population is quite scarce and are thinly inhabited. In urban areas it is possible to collect homogeneous groups together to make face-to-face teaching methods worthwhile and economical, although even in this situation the demand for education often outweighs the supply of adequately qualified teachers. But what of the rural areas over which the bulk of population is scattered? Radio can help to provide a solution. They can be used for teaching purposes in towns and cities being the only way in which teaching can be achieved in rural areas.

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