The impact of marketing mix (5 Ps) elements on sales of UPS: A case of Karachi Market – Buyer’s perspective

Wasim Abbas Awan, Abdul Salam, SYED GHAZANFER INAM


This paper gives an analytical insight about the influencing impact of marketing mix 5 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion, Packaging, and Placement) on sales of UPS industry for Karachi market from a buyer’s point of view. Since all P’s of marketing mix have its own level of impact on sales but vary from product to product and market to market. Pakistani UPS market is to huge extent undocumented and untouched having very high level of competition and low profit margin. We have the 5 P’s as our independent variables whereas sales as dependent variable. Collection of primary data have been done through a questionnaire comprising of mixed questions like 5-likert scale, MCQs, open ended, and rating scale based on the buyers’ opinions. The collected data were analyzed through multiple regressions to know the significance of relationship of individual P of marketing mix with sales by using t-test and the strength and nature of relationship by Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient. The overall significance of model was tested through ANOVA. The descriptive statistics were also used to determine average level of point of views as well as the variation in the buyers’ opinions. The final result of this study reveals that out of 5 only 4 P’s (product, price, placement, and promotion) have positively significant impact on sales whereas the packaging has negative and very low level of impact on sales. It does imply that product, placement, promotion, price have descending level of impacts on sales in UPS market, respectively.

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