A cost benefit analysis of private and public schools in District Malakand of North West Frontier Province

AMIR ZAMAN, R. A. Farooq, Munir Kayani


The objective of this paper is to compare the relative efficiency of private and public schools in term of cost and benefit per student, achievement and their comparison of high schools of public and private sector in District Malakand. 11 private and 11 public schools were randomly selected for analysis from district Malakand to compare their cost effectiveness. Chi square analysis was made to compare the output of public and private schools. The result shows that private schools are better in student's achievement and in terms of cost per students.
Recommendation was made to introduce voucher system in public schools and greater authority be given to school level management.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v1i1.23


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