Nasrullah Khan


Modern technology is akin to a double edged dagger, which helps when held right and hurts when tried razors side. Right technology in wrong hands becomes a dexter sinister complexity. Technology helps society to improve health, education, communication and prosperity but all at the expense of a high crime rate. Man is behind all innovatory technologies, which now have started to control the master himself. As being a victim of one’s own creation, technologists now have to look for intelligent ways that explain how we can use the same existing technology to control these rampant crimes. Technology has brought about an information revolution in our society at the expense of wreaking terrorism havoc. Security agencies use smart devices but criminals have access to smarter alternatives as well. It’s   time to choose between personal freedom and collective security. We have to be cautious during public debates as media discourse creates more heat than light. Opportunities, social injustices and starvations create a vacuity for crime. Crime science explores the delinquencies persuading rampant social crimes. We live in a jinxed society taken over by inherited leaders, inherent intellectuals and fake saints (pir) sunk in black/white magic mores. This paper tries to investigate mind set of demoniac people using incantations to evict apparitions and apotropaic to protect from evil eyes. All the mystic, virtual and ritual myths explored were found wealth and women centric. It is difficult to forecast crime but exposing haunting magic and mapping hot spots helps increase awareness and take preventive measures.

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