Bekir Guzel


In the 21st century, Globalization has become the most significant process. The opportunities which emerged parallel to developing technology have removed the borders between countries and people. From now on, people could simultaneously receive the news from the other end of the world. Besides; after industrial society, the knowledge society which rose with the development of science and technology provides people with any information handily in a short time. The fundamental dynamics of the society, which were based on the power of the machine and people in the industrial society, are now based on acquiring knowledge. Thus; among people, the most crucial power has become knowledge. The knowledge-based society and global structure have resulted in adjustments of various fields, firstly in sociological relations. Education is the most notable of these fields. In the education, higher education is the pioneer of the changes considering that the most part of the academic work has been accomplished by the people of higher education in its institutions. The academic exchange constitutes the remarkable part of the changes in the field of higher education by means of the globalization. In this paper, studies of The Council of Higher Education concerning the globalization of Turkish Higher Education system will be discussed. Additionally, detailed information for Mevlana Exchange Programme, conducted by The Council of Higher Education, will be presented.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v6i1.210


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