Instructional Supervision Practices: Comparison of Private and Public Secondary Schools of Lahore

Muhammad Amin, Humera Amin, Sumera Rashid


This study aims to compare the instructional supervision practices used by the principals in public and private secondary schools of Iqbal Town, Lahore. The research is quantitative and descriptive, and it is based on quantitative data derived through the use of a structured questionnaire. The study's population consisted of all secondary-level teachers from public and private schools of Iqbal Town, Lahore who taught at the secondary level. Two hundred teachers were selected through multistage random sampling technique from both sectors and gender (male and female), with an equal number of teachers from each sector and both genders participating in the study. Based on the mean score data it can be concluded that principals of the private school are have better practice of instructional supervision as compared to the principals of public schools. Results of the t-test indicate that difference between the mean score regarding principals’ instructional supervision practices in private and public schools is statistically significant. It can be inferred that principals of the private schools have significantly better practice of instructional supervision than principals of public schools. It is recommended that instructional supervision practices in the public schools needs to be improved to enhance the students’ performance and to make the school effective.

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