VAWKUM trans. comput. sci.

Vol 6, No 1 (2018)


Table of Contents


A Data Specific Comparative Study for Choosing Best Cryptographic Technique PDF
Muhammad Usman, Shahid M Awan 1-7
Virtual Classroom an Easy and Low Cost Solution to E-Learning System PDF
Syed Farooq Ali, Hamza Tahir, Zafar Khan 8-21
Cartoonization, Caricature and Emotion Generation from A Single Intensity Frontal Facial Image PDF
Syed Farooq Ali, Fahad Zafar, Fahad Zafar, Hafsa Zafar, Hafsa Zafar, Dima Naeem, Dima Naeem, Irum Pervaiz, Irum Pervaiz 22-33
A Comparative Analysis of Traditional and Cloud Data Warehouse PDF
Khawaja Ubaid ur Rehman, Umair Ahmad, Sajid Mahmood 34-40
Brain Tumor Detection by Using Computer Vision Based on Multi-Level Image Filteration PDF
Saba Rehman, Iqra Shahzad 41-47
Effects of Refactoring and Design Patterns on The Software Source Code Quality : An Empirical Assessment PDF PDF
Muhammad Shahid Raees, Muhammad Adeel Ashraf 48-54
Effectiveness of Agile Development Frameworks with Respect to Testing PDF
M.Ahmad Nawaz ul Ghani, M. Shoaib Farooq, Amjad Hussain Zahid 55-62
An Exposition of Wireless Sensor Network Area Coverage and Lifetime Based on Meta Heuristic and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms PDF
Asif Farooq, Tahir Iqbal 63-69
Facial Emotion Detection through Deep Covolutional Neural Networks PDF
Aymun Saif Dar, Sheraz Naseer, Aihtshan Ali, Ishmal Sauf, Muhammad Ahsan 70-77
A Parellel two Stage Classifier for Breast Cancer Prediction and Comparison with Various Ensemble Techniques PDF
Ali Tariq Nagi, Ahmad Wali, Adnan Shahzada, Muhammad Masroor Ahmad 78-86
Generating Corpus for Evaluating Performance of Process Matching Techniques PDF
Ayesha Asmat, Afnan Iftikhar 87-92
Performing Subjectivity Classification in Text Using Support Vector Machine PDF
Alaa Omran Almagrabi 93-97
Aneela Ashraf 98-103

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