Data Sharing Policy

VAWKUM Transactions on Computer Sciences (VTCS) encourages authors to share data underlying their research in a responsible and ethical manner. This policy aims to promote transparency, reproducibility, and advancement of scientific knowledge.

Data Availability:

  • Authors are encouraged to make research data underlying their published articles publicly available at the time of publication, whenever possible.
  • Data should be deposited in reputable repositories relevant to the field, with clear access instructions provided in the article.
  • VTCS supports journals that utilize the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data principles.


  • Data sharing may be restricted due to ethical considerations, privacy concerns, or legal restrictions. Authors should clearly explain any limitations in data availability and justify their reasoning.
  • In such cases, authors should provide sufficient information in the article to allow for independent verification of the research findings.

Responsibilities of Authors:

  • Authors are responsible for ensuring data quality and accuracy.
  • Authors should clearly document data collection methods, analysis procedures, and any relevant tools used.
  • Authors should provide sufficient metadata to facilitate understanding and reuse of the data.

Support for Data Sharing:

  • VTCS acknowledges the challenges associated with data sharing and encourages authors to consult institutional policies and support services.
  • We may offer guidance on identifying suitable repositories and best practices for data preparation and documentation.