VAWKUM trans. comput. sci.

Vol 5, No 1 (2017)


Table of Contents


Efficient Algorithm for Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Mobile Network PDF
Zakir Ullah, Shazada Alamgir, Alamgir Khan, Salman Saleem, Imran Khan 1-8
Digital Image Encryption Implementations Based on AES Algorithm PDF
Ahmad AlRababah 9-17
Video Metrics and Parameters for Achieving Optimal Quality in Low Delay Communication Networks PDF
Yakubu Suleiman Baguda, Hani Aljahdali 18-28
Toward a Better Assessment of Students Outcomes using a Six-Steps method and a Class Diagram PDF
Samir K Boucetta 29-36
LSI Based Search Technique: Using Extracted Keywords and Key-Sentences PDF
Shakeel Ahmad, Sheikh Muhammad Saqib, Alaa Omran Almagrabi, Fahad Mazaed Alotaibi 37-44
Computational Approaches to Identify a Derivative of Galardin as an Inhibitor of Mycobacterial Peptide Deformylase PDF
Syed Asif Hassan, Iftekhar Aslam Tayubi 45-55

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