Applications, Limitations, and Improvements in Visible Light Communication Systems

Fazlullah Khan, Farman Khan, Qamar Jabeen, Syed Roohullah Jan, Shehzad Khan


Wireless communication networks using unlicensed frequency band faces certain challenges like unrestrained interfering and bad quality of transmission. To surmount the scarcity of frequency band, a new technique for wireless communication is compulsory to adapt the exponentially rising wireless communication demand. Visible light communication systems (VLCS) offer a replacement to the existing standards of wireless communication, through light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the mean of communication. As LEDs twinkle repeatedly at a high speed such that human eye cannot perceive changes in light intensity, but a perceptive photodiode detect the on-off attitude and can interpret the data implanted within the light. This paper investigates different issues in the existing wireless communication networks, and studies how VLCS can resolve these issues, and proposes design of the VLCS. Moreover, applications, solution to current issues and future improvements are discussed in this paper.

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