A Hybrid Model By Integrating Scrum And RAD

Qurat -ul- Ain


Among various software development models, the focus of agile models is disciplined management projects, an approach that enforces self association, collaboration and liability. Agile models adopt a business alignment that supports development with chump needs and aggregation goals. Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum are often used models of agile whereas Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a conventional plan driven software development model. The purpose of introducing RAD is to include functionality to an application.  Strengths of Scrum and RAD are that they are self managed processes through iterative planning. Basically RAD is the advanced version of XP that’s why XP is also included just for reference.  This research work is intended to analyze the strengths, characteristics and weaknesses of Scrum, RAD and RAD models. The paper also explains the disciplines and phases of RAD that can enhance the robustness of RAD and Scrum models. It will also propose a narrative hybrid model that combines RAD, Scrum and RAD to strengthen their features and removing their weaknesses.

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