Analytical solution of an SEIV epidemic model by Homotopy Perturbation method

saeed Islam, Syed Farasat Saddiq, gul zaman, Muhammad Altaf Khan, Farooq Ahmad, Murad Ullah


In this paper, we consider an SEIV epidemic model which represents the interection of infected and susceptible individuals in the population through horizontal transmission. We find the analytical solution of the proposed model by Homotopy perturbation method which is one of the best method for finding the solution of the nonlinear problem. By using this techniques, first, we solve the problem analytically and then compare the numerical results with other standards methods. We also justfy the numerical simulation and their results. Mostly nonlinear problem have upon some difficulties, and their solution is some time difficult to obtain. However, this techniques help us to obtain their approximate as well as analytical solution just after few perturbation terms.

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