Probabilistic Picture Graph

Sidra Yousaf, Asif Abd ur Rehman


The probabilistic graphs is an ecient mathematical tool to deal with uncertain real life problems. Probabilistic picture graph is an extension of probabilistic graphs corresponding to a given joint probability distribution. It can work very eciently in uncertain scenarios which involve more answers to these type, yes and no. In this work. we redene and introduce the idea of probabilistic graphs and probabilistic picture graphs. Some types of probabilistic picture graphs such as a strong probabilistic picture graph, complete probabilistic picture graph and complement of probabilistic picture graph are introduced and some properties are also described. The six operations namely cartesian product, composition, union, direct product, lexicographical product and strong product on probabilistic picture graph are also dened. Finally, we describe the utility of probabilistic graphs by revisiting application in a joint venture.

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Zadeh, Lot A. Fuzzy sets. Information and control 8, no. 3 (1965) 338-353.



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