Analysis of Two-Level Complex Shifted Laplace Preconditioner and Deflation-Based Preconditioner for Helmholtz Equation

Rao Faisal Rajput, Hanan Shiekh, K. B. Amur


A Long time deflation preconditioner is used to speed up the convergence of the Krylov subspace method. The discretization of Helmholtz equation with Dirichlet boundary condition by finite difference method obtained any linear system. Resolving a large wavenumber requires a larger number of Grid points, i.e. large linear systems. Thus due to the large linear system, many (sparse) direct methods have taken more memory, So we have used the (iterative technique) Krylov subspace method. One of the problems of the Krylov subspace method is the required preconditioner for better convergence. We use (CSLP) as a preconditioner and drive eigenvalues of (CSLP). However, with increasing wavenumber CSLP shows slow convergence behavior. Then we use another projection-type preconditioner as a deflation preconditioner. A rigorous Fourier analysis (RFA) is a separate research idea to examine the con- vergence of the iterative method included in this article. We analyze the deflation preconditioner with a complex shifted Laplace preconditioner (CSLP) which exhibition spectral behavior of the preconditioner, which is favorable to the Krylov method.

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