On Cycle-Super magic Labeling of Some Families of Graphs

Imtiaz Riaz


In this work we have formulated the result of H-magic labeling of some families of graphs which included wheel graph, fan graph, ladder graph and triangular ladder. The edges of these graphs were subdivided into equal nodes and we formulated total magic and supermagic labeling of these families of graphs. A labeling of a graph is basically assigning positive integers to the edges and vertices and H-magic labeling is define as a bijection is called -magic labeling of if there exists a positive integer -called the magic sum, such that for any subgraph of isomorphic to , the sum is equal to the magic sum, . A graph is -magic if it admits an -magic labeling. In addition, if -magic labeling has the property that , then the graph is -supermagic. .

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtm.v6i1.275


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