Social Services and Public Sponsorship: Needs and Importance (In the Light of Islamic Teachings)

Gulzar Ali, Bakht Said


The base of prosperity and development of a nation is dependent on the aspiration of social services, their work for each other. Interest, helping the low class of society i.e. widows, orphans and the helpless is the summary of civilized society.Social services are admirable for the willing of Allah. Social services for the sack of fame have no value in the view of Islam. Islam emphases on social services altruistically. Good attitude towards people and meeting by a smiling face with them provide a base of social services. The struggle for eradication of poverty has great value in Islam. Similarly providing basic necessities to own family is also a charity. The work done for the welfare of society is of value in Quran and Sunnah. Steps taken for social development and progress are much liked by Allah.Such social services have been discussed in this article and the place and value in the perspective of Islam has been explained.

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