Methodology Of Molana Muhammad Idress Kandehlvi(1899-1974) In His Tafseer Marif Ul Quran (Tafseer Bil Rai)



The Holy Quran is a comprehensive guidance for mankind and an everlasting miracle revealed by Allah almighty to  His last messenger prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. With respect to its contents it is the source of all knowledge and science. It has pointed out many scientific and historical facts which were not only unknown at that time but not even be imagined. The knowledge that refers to the findings and descriptions of the Holy Quran is called Ilme-Tafsyr.This work has been started from the prestigious age of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him.His followers(Sahaba)established numerous school. (Madaris)of tafsyr within the perimeter of Arab and outside .Many Tafasyrs have been compiled on various perspectives. In Urdu language valuable Tafasyrs have been written among them one is Maarif -al -Quran by Mulana Muhammad Idrees Kandehlvi.The author under reference is a well known authority among the scholars of Islam.He has a distinctive position in all fields of religuious sciences especially Tafsyr and Hadith. Maarif ul Quran is his master piece which he wrote in his later part of life. This Tafseer is a brief synopse and summary of the past tafsyrs.Since Maarif ul Quran is very popular among all and sundry, and many logical problems   have been solved in a realistic way so  in the article under reference this aspect (Tafsyr Bil Rai)of the said prominent Mufassir was choosen   for discussion which will prove very  useful for scholars. 

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