A Review on the Role of Smart Board Technology in Education

Shamyla Riaz


From last 20 years, Information Technology has brought a great revolution in the education system. Information technology provides additional opportunities to the students for attractive learning. As a result technology usage has been widely increased in educational institutions. From the last few years class room learning process has been significantly changed. Today Smart Board (SB) is being used as a new educational tool for the students and teachers. This technology attempts to provide the delivery of learning from teacher to student in a more flexible and comfortable way. SB technology is one of such broad technology that has been evolved to rapidly deliver lectures in class rooms. The main focus of this research is to identify the use of SB technology in today’s educational institutes. The study of SB identifies its effect on student’s attitudes and their achievement plus teacher’s acknowledgment, complications and interpretation on the use of SB. This research also articulates the issues relevant to SB performance in schools as well as its contribution towards the development of students learning in the classroom.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21015/vtess.v15i2.531


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