A Methodological Approach: Formal Specification Of Quality Attributes Modeling Approcahes In The Waterfall Process Model






The fields like Software Engineering (SE) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) are considered dissimilar.. SE based process model mostly discuss modeling of functional requirement while the HCI based approaches are mostly concerned with the modeling of quality attributes. The quality attributes are mostly discussed during late phases of software development. The non-functional requirements as quality attributes can be integrated in software products by considering quality or non-functional modeling approaches during all of the phases of software engineering process model. The separation of SE and HCI concerns restricts formal specification of quality attributes during all of the phases of SE process model. The software systems or products are generally less user centered because SE process models can’t address formal specification of quality attributes in SE process models. In this research a methodology for the formal specification of approaches that model functional requirements and quality attribute during SE process model is proposed. The proposed methodology is based on waterfall SE process model. It can be utilized in design and development of users centered software products. Our proposed methodology also bridges gap between SE and HCI fields.